Raychiel Smith


This girl is taking the Internet by assault. The people in Tumblr, Twitter, Google +, and all the other social networks are just crazy about this girl, and would do you blame them? Raychiel is gorgeous, stunning, and not only that, she is funny and engaging.

She doesn’t just has a doll face, she also has an unbelievable figure.

Raychiel 2

Raychiel is very active in Twitter, but she doen’t post many photos there, but she seem to use it mostly for chat, but this is her account: @Raychyelovesu

Raychiel 8

Dont you think she is a stunner? Just look at this picture, it’s amazing.

Raychiel even has a YouTube Channel, but she hasn’t updated since a year ago:

But here is the direct link to her channel: Raychielovesu.

Raychiel 10But you all are going to love her Tumblr, there she shares her music, her toughts, and a lot of very funny and sexy GIFS.


I have some trouble reading the Tumblr Theme she has choosen, but once you are suscribed there is no worries reading in the desktop. I would also recommend highly making a search with her name, you are going to love the images:

Raychiel in Tumblr

Here are some of the best images I have found:

Raychiel 7

Raychiel 3

Raychiel 4

Raychiel 6

There is also a facebook account but not sure if it’s truly hers: Raychiel Smith.

And as I always tell you if you find any more info about Raychiel, don’t forget to drop it in the comments below.


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