Sandra Valencia

Sandra Valencia 1

There is no doubt that in the last years we have seen an increasing prominence of Colombian models, one of the most beautiful examples we have it in Sandra Valencia.

Model and designer, Sandra is also a good explanation to why the Colombian models have conquered the scene. It’s because the Colombian fashion industry has skyrocketed and is stimulating to the best people, not only the most beautiful models, but also the most creative designers, promoters, traders, etc.

Sandra Valencia 4

Sandra has a Twitter account but she doesn’t seems very active there. However, here you have it: @Sandrisvalencia.

Sandra Valencia 3

However like many other models in the last year, Sandra seems much more active at his Instagram account: Sandrisvalencia23

Sandra Valencia 2

But her facebook profile seem even more up to date:  Sandra Valencia.

Sandra Valencia 5

In the following video we can see her during a recent photo shooting:

Do you have any more info about Sandra Valencia? Why don’t you add it in the comments below?


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